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Protect your board and card games with Euro Card Sleeves!

Does your family play a lot of non-electronic games?  There is a growing trend in the US and abroad to turn off the electronics and enjoy a family night with some popcorn and a good old fashioned board game.  With Christmas and winter coming many consumers are turning away from violent, individual games and pulling an old favorite off the shelf.  These can be classics like Monopoly, Risk or Trivial Pursuit but more and more people are discovering the "euro board game".  This new genre stems from shorter games that focus more on individual achievement through cooperation or less dramatic competition than what is found in Risk or Monopoly.  

Euro Board Games typically last 30-60 minutes and have elegant designs for greater variation and higher replay values.  These new designs have historically come out of Europe, and Germany in particular.  Titles such as Settlers of Caftan, Carcass and Dominion are among "euro games" that get people hooked and coming back for more due to their indirect attacking and quick play.  

One problem with both these new titles and other more traditional ones, has been the components they are made with.  Who doesn't have a monopoly set at home that has a partially torn or frayed deed to Park Place?  How many copies of Monopoly or Risk has your family gone through?  It isn't a huge investment for some of these mass-market games when your cards are ruined and you have to go out and get a new copy, but the new Euro offerings of today often have more components and certainly in games like Thunder stone, Dominion, Dixie and the upcoming 7 Wonders title, the cards are the key element in the game and a replacement copy can cost upwards of $50 or more.

So how do you keep your expensive game collection safe from wear and tear or streaks and stains from messy hands and careless friends?  More and more board gamers are turning to card sleeves for protection.  Card sleeves have long been known to Collectible Card Game owners of Magic The Gathering or Yu-GI-Oh cards, but with an increasing number of Euro Games relying heavily on cards there has been a push for card sleeves in non-traditional sizes.  There is now a database online with over 740 board and card games of every description that will tell you what size cards your game is and how many cards are in that game.  This database is updated several times per month and new titles are added all the time.  Once you know your card count and size the color-coded chart makes it easy to find the right sleeve from the company that makes these sleeves.  

Find out more and protect your own board games before you spill another drink or lose another family favorite by visiting Mayday Games.

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