Sabtu, 23 November 2013

4 Pics 1 Song - Addictive Puzzle Game For IOS

Not long ago there€™s a great game known as 4 Epics 1 Word on Facebook as well as smartphone that gain a lot of attentions simply because IA€™s simple and yet fascinating game play. Generally at that game you must speculate what hidden word on the puzzle by checking out 4 unique pictures with a same common point behind it. That game is accessible for Facebook and thus a lot of Facebook users contend with their friend and giggling at the result for certain. 4 Epics 1 Song is identical game but this time OA€™re not simply guess a single word but an entire title from a song, ETA€™s take a look at how interesting this game beneath.


Much like 4 Epics 1 Word, you are going to face 4 various images together with hidden indicating on I, your task is to find that secret meaning and then figure the song title with the clue. Not like Song the place you have to also think by hearing the music, within this game the difficulties could be more challenging particularly when you DNA€™t even know the song. But if you play it with your friend it's going to provide laugh and entertaining without a doubt. The game need a depth thinking for certain, initially it seems like quite tough to figuring out the clue however when you get familiar with it, IA€™s be a little more fun and easy to play.

You will see different picture range between automobile, illustration, goods, plus more. These pictures shown by the show picture, real picture, and much more. Numerous images identify what best and easy clue on it whilst the other requires a quite logical thinking. Once you guess the right answer, you will see the musician who sings it as well as the title and how many per cent you can guess it correctly. There are several achievement that you could unlock each need specified success to reach.

There are lots of tunes you will want to guess, together with coop mode you may get hours of fun together with your friend and much more knowledge of music from so many artists. One thing that the creator have to concern is some user complaining about having new content so they can play a lot more music with 4 Epics 1 Song, if you want simple and enjoyable game 4 Epics 1 Word is certainly what you should play within your mobile phone. You are able to grab this game on i-Tunes for free.

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